Why LeadsLite?

Optimize communication with prospects

Google Map Integration

Google Maps integration is inbuilt. Our map based search empowers the user to find leads in an area and optimize sales travel cost.
Consolidate leads from different source,Hosted lead management software

Google Calendar Integration

One click Google Calendar integration with LeadsLite gives you a big picture of your daily schedule. Plan ahead and stay on track.
Identifying leads for upcoming launches

Customized View & Easy Search

Customize data grid just the way you want.You can ON OFF particular column, Change Page Size and Search data in each screen while viewing data.
Identifying leads for upcoming launches

Secure & Safe

All of the information that you obtain on the CRM will be kept safe and secure. The privacy and security of your customers information is a top priority.
Identifying leads for upcoming launches

Technical Support

We will answer any question and take care of your concerns as and when required. We are highly available and responsive to your concern.
Identifying leads for upcoming launches

Always Backed Up

All your data is backed up in cloud environment. There is no chance of missing data. Also we have an interface to download all your data in CSV.
Identifying leads for upcoming launches

Easy Exporting

Extract data in CSV, XLS, PDF, COPY. Data can be searched, customized and exported in a single click.