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Dashboard features.

This is how your dashboard looks like.

ADD Lead information

Make the system work for you

Preview of add leads screen.

Lead Details

Designed for any size companies.

Tracking leads and managing leads screen.

Google calendar

Plan your day in advance

This is how your calendar looks like. You do have view exactly how you see in Google Calander. All in one place.

Upload Leads in bulk

Import existing leads.

Importing leads from excel / csv is just 4 step process.


We also offer Personalized View

It is easy to customized and get rid of not required fields simply by selecting or clicking a checkbox. Adding and removing field is easy and efficient.

Leads Custom Report

Report that makes sense.

We offer standard report and then you can create your customized report by simply selecting few fields and button. You can create as many custom report as you want. Save it and run it as and when you need.